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Asia Adventure Sport is proud to provide an array of specialist sports and outdoor activities that can be used for multi-activity camps during international & local school holidays, private group classes in all our sports, and school sports days & family fun sports events.

Programme Activities

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Upon the rivers and intertwining with the coconut palm forests of Cua Dai, we will journey through the open estrays past the traditional fishing methods and into the narrow river lanes to feel like Pocahontas herself!

Vietnam Camps | Asia Adventure Sports

Stand Up Paddleboard

Whether its your first or fifteenth time on this popular board you will learn new skills and play games as well as enjoying the scenery throughout our mini expedition.

Vietnam Camps | Asia Adventure Sports


Building confidence not just on the board and with the skills of the actual sport but within themselves and the ability to push forward out of comfort zones.

Vietnam Camps | Asia Adventure Sports


Bike riding through the rice paddy fields and vegetable village is the best way to see the exquisite beauty & experience the slow pace of Hoi An. Stopping off at the cookery school to learn about the history of local cuisine and becoming amateur chefs for the day! Yummy.

Vietnam Camps | Asia Adventure Sport

Lantern Floating

Whilst floating on a bamboo vessel through the spectacularly tranquil UNESCO world heritage town, we will light lanterns and send them off down the river. Allowing space for self reflection and manifestation for our futures. All underneath the bed of speckled stars.

Vietnam Camps | Asia Adventure Sports


Stories, songs, games & most importantly… s’mores! Always leave us wanting s’more.

Vietnam Camps | Asia Adventure Sports


There is nothing like being with your best friends on a beach valleyed between the silhouetted mountains wondering what more there is to life than we are aware of! Guided activities will enlighten and expand your horizons.

Vietnam Camps | Asia Adventure Sports

Animal Volunteer Programme

Unfortunately, the cat and dog meat trade is  rife in Vietnam, dog selling and catching is still a common profession for some local people. On a positive note, though, Hoi An became the first city in Vietnam to criminalize and ban such activities with the help of Paws in Danang. Lexi CEO of Paws worked tirelessly with the council to make this happen. 

Vietnam Camps | Asia Adventure Sports


Yoga / Drum Circling / Sand Burials / Flower Baths and other deep spiritual work enables us to learn about ourselves and grow as a person, especially vital in pubescent adults as they develop their sense of self. Working on eliminating ego and creating modest / humble people for themselves and for everyone they come into contact with throughout their life.

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