Terms & Conditions



For all our outdoor venues, we will try our best to run our classes as scheduled. Classes will be cancelled in the event of heavy rain, thunderstorm, and lightning. The decision will be made by the coach on the day, at the venue. We will notify you as soon as possible if there is a cancellation, via email. If a class is cancelled due to rain, we will offer you a credit.

All classes will automatically be cancelled in the event a Black Rainstorm Warning or Typhoon Signal no. 8 is raised (unless lowered 1 hour before the session is scheduled to commence)


If a class is cancelled by AAS for reasons such as weather or due to the sickness of coaches we will offer you credit(s) off the next term of classes you book with us. It will be given as a discount code at the end of the term or upon your request. The coupon code must be used within the same year period with the exception of seasonal classes. Credit(s) are non-refundable. Should a child be unable to attend the classes due to illness, then a doctor’s note must be presented


AAS does not offer any refunds for our regular term classes. If the student(s) with a serious injury and presents with a doctor’s note, a refund will be provided with the remaining amount of the term. If Classes or Camps are cancelled due to any School circumstances, make-up classes will be provided by AAS at the end of the term if facilities are available.  Any parents or students who wish to withdraw must do so at their own discretion. 


Payments must be received in full before your first class. All payments are taken through the stripe gateway either using a credit, or debit card or in special circumstances by bank transfer will also be accepted.


AAS requires the presence of a parent or guardian throughout the class for students younger than 3 years old. Parental accompaniment is not required for children aged 3  years and up although we suggest that guardians for children younger than 4 years do stay on premises in case they are required.


AAS suggests students should arrive on time to your class to enjoy the maximum benefit, also arriving late may disrupt the class for the coach and the rest of the children. In the event you are collecting your child at one of our classes please be on time as coaches are not responsible for your child outside of class time. AAS has full control over its classes and students, we reserve the right to expel any students on the grounds of unacceptable behaviour.


Our coaches will take photos of our students from time to time for sharing with parents and for potential promotional usage, which may be included on our website or any of our social media. If you object to a photo of your child being taken please inform us in writing by emailing: Hello@asiaadventuresport.com


It is the responsibility of all parents and guardians to ensure their children are dressed in proper sports attire for each class. Sports shoes with socks are also required. Flip flops, crocs, or open-toed footwear of any description are not allowed. For outdoor venues please wear a hat as possible. 


Our camps run during school holidays and are usually done for a full week. Parents need to ensure that they bring a packed lunch for their child as well as snacks for the day and a water bottle. We will provide water and small snack breaks throughout the day. Children must wear appropriate clothing (t-shirt, shorts or pants, socks, Sports shoes (no studded boots/flip-flops or anything not appropriate ) Full payment is required prior to the camp to confirm your child’s registration. All payments are taken through the stripe gateway either using a credit or debit card. The camp will proceed even in the event of rain or haze, as indoor venues will be available.

AAS is unable to accommodate any refund reversal requests if 30 days have passed from the purchase date.

Liability Waiver

I hereby affirm that my child is in good physical condition to exercise. His or her participation is purely voluntary and in no way mandated by Asia Adventure Sport or any program partners. Also, I understand that he or she can stop anytime if he or she has any discomfort or even without any particular reason. In no event shall Asia Adventure Sport, their officers, employees, or agents be held liable for any injury, death, or property loss which he or she may suffer during the activities if caused by either his or her own negligence, inadequacies in health and fitness, or by accident