Our gymnastics programme has been designed specifically for children from 3 to 10 years old. In the early stages, children will learn different ways to roll, move, stretch, and discover the different shapes they can make.

As children grow, they will move onto more advanced skills, such as handstand and cartwheels and start using various apparatus.

Gymnastics Programmes Hong Kong
Gymnastics For Kids Hong Kong


Gymnastics Afterschool Programmes Hong Kong

Our recreational programs are for school aged kids and teens who are interested in gymnastics to engage with their friends, overcome physical challenges and learn some new skills along the way.


Kids Gymnastics Hong Kong

Our Competitive program follows the Gymnastics Australia Levels program. This means gymnasts have opportunities to compete at different levels, depending on age and skill.

Summer & Holiday

Kids Gymnastics Hong Kong | Asia Adventure Sport

Our gymnastics holiday camps are fully-supervised, packed with fun! We get plenty of time to learn new skills and use all the equipment.

Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational classes for all ages and skill levels based on Artistic Gymnastics and Tumbling. Classes are focused on fundamental gymnastics skills and movement with quality shaping.

Classes will improve students’ strength, flexibility, coordination, and agility, providing a solid foundation to progress in gymnastics or other sports. Each class begins with a warm-up, including a focus on shapes/strength and flexibility. The class then rotates through a variety of apparatus (bars, floor, vault/ trampoline, beam) to learn skills-based exercises

Children Gymnastics Programmes Hong Kong
Gymnastics For Kids Hong Kong

Competitive Gymnastics

Our competitive program follows the Australia levels program (ALP) as most of the international schools in Hong Kong and around Asia.

Program Levels

Holiday, Summer Camps & Special Events

We provide inspiring and educational school and sports camps for children of all ages and abilities. - All camps are professionally run by our accredited coaching team. Children will have the opportunity to learn rolls, jumps, handstands and cartwheel techniques as well as develop more advanced skills already learnt. Safety is our utmost priority and ensuring skills are taught correctly from the start.

Term Plan

Week 1 - 4
Focus on fundamental movement skills on all gymnastics apparatus, flexibility, and strength.

Week 4 - 8
Focus on working on levels and required skills.

Week 8 - 12
Focus on routines and new required skills.

Organizing And Participating In Competitions

With great experience in competitions AAS gymnastics instructors will do their best to prepare all students who wish to compete and aim for best performance. AAS can manage to organize gymnastics competition.

Skills Testing

Skills testing will be conducted once a term, usually around week 8 and 9, for every student participating in gymnastics. This will be conducted within the class and a report card for parents to view their progress.


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