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AAS is proud to present it’s collaboration with SwimSure HK in providing swimming classes to all levels this summer! At SwimSure, we believe the ability to swim is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Our goal is to provide students with the confidence, skills and techniques needed to be safe in any aquatic environment encountered throughout life. Lessons include plenty of fun and engaging activities that will instill a love for the water from an early age. Small group classes allow for more individual, personal teaching and coaching, but most importantly, ensure safety in the water and its surroundings.

SwimSure founder, Miranda Bundy has a life-long passion for the water and is an experienced Primary School Teacher, ‘Teacher of Swimming and Water safety’ and ‘Infant and Preschool Aquatics’ (Austswim certified). A competitive swimmer and water polo player, she is excited to be able to share her expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport. Together with experienced sport coaches and swimming teachers, SwimSure has a strong team guaranteed to offer your child high quality swimming lessons.

For further questions and enquiries please email Miranda Bundy at swimsurehk@gmail.com

Level Descriptors

For the beginner 1 level and above, students are placed depending on their swimming ability and confidence, rather than their age. Click on each award to know more.

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Hong Kong Swimming Classes for Kids
Hong Kong Swimming Classes for Kids

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