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AAS is proud to collaborate with Hong Kong’s leading Racket Sport Provider, Asia Racket Sports. Playing different racket sports is an enjoyable way to boost the intensity of kids’ fitness. It can also improve their balance, strength, coordination and agility. They will also learn receiving skills, in addition to hitting skills. They will have the opportunity to learn the rules of each sport, while giving them lots of time to play and practice.

Class Descriptions

Classes are divided based on age and their skill level. 

Look at our classes below and see what matches with your child’s racket sport level, 

at the same time you can contact us for more information on your child’s placement.

Afterschool Tennis Programmes Hong Kong

Tiny Tots Tennis

This is a great way for the student to learn the FUNdamentals. Areas of focus include eye hand coordination, movement, catching, throwing and hitting.

Young Futures

This class will introduce the player to proper stroke technique as well as continuing to focus on building coordination, agility and balance. The student will also learn how to begin playing through group games.

Kids Tennis Lessons Hong Kong
Kids Tennis Lessons Hong Kong

Tier 1

This class is designed for players to continually learn the foundations of proper stroke technique and movement. Other areas of focus include court positioning awareness, movement and recovery skills, light fitness (agility, speed, strength). The players will also be introduced to singles and doubles play.

Tier 2

This class will focus on the continual development of proper stroke technique as well as the use of various spins. Movement mechanics (dynamic balance), as well as learning the tactics of singles game situations will be a primary focus as well. The class will be structured with fed ball training, cooperative rallying, live ball hitting, point play and group games. Fitness training, experimentation with various game styles and doubles strategy will be part of the group’s focus as well.

This group requires a 2 day a Week commitment.

Afterschool Tennis Programmes Hong Kong
Afterschool Tennis Programmes Hong Kong

Tier 3

Players will work on continual stroke development and refinement, movement and athleticism, and understanding and applying strategies and tactics associated with various game styles. Practices will consist of fed and live ball drilling, fitness and situational point play. Self-fitness, practice sets and tournament play are required for The CDG player will be responsible for all aspects of their tennis. Players will also be expected to come mentally and physically prepared each day to learn and develop their games to the fullest potential.

This group requires a 2-3 day a Week commitment

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Multi-Sport Programmes For Kids Hong Kong