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In navigating paths along streams, pools, and waterfalls, a canyoneer will slide, jump, and otherwise ascend through the gorge, often using technical equipment for safety.

Students will venture up a canyon navigating their way through a rocky river bed by scrambling over rocks, splashing through water, walking on dirt trails and exploring the environment around them in the process.  At points staff will lead the way, but students will also get the opportunity in sections to choose their own path.  In more technical sections handlines will be available for the students.

Locations in Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay


With two people in one kayak, it is vital to work well together in order to get where you are going quickly and efficiently.  Added to this is the requirement for the entire team to come together to plan their route, delegate roles and then execute the plan.  As with all plans and experiences, things may change along the way, this helps the students to define what success is.

Locations in Sha Ha Beach and Clearwater Bay

Outdoor Enrichment Programme Hong Kong
Outdoor Enrichment Programme Hong Kong


There are very few people who can say that dangling on a thin piece of nylon above the rocks or the sea is not an unnerving prospect.

Anything that pushes us to test ourselves will make us stronger and more resilient to the challenges that life throws at us.  From learning new skills, to holding your partner’s rope, to working out the sequence of moves to get past a tricky section teaches us responsibility, for our partner’s safety, to problem solving under pressure.

Locations in Clearwater Bay and Turtle Cove, HK Island

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